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Jon's Folly

Jon's Folly


Josh Leichliter

Jon was a pauper

Jon had no penny

for penance he owed

well Jon counted twenty


one for a lie

two more for grinning

three for a laugh

at least four more for sinning


five would be had

for the sixth time he begged

but seven more favors

saw eight people dead


nine times he cried

for ten that they buried

eleven life terms

from twelve on the jury


Jon was convicted

poor Jon would be dead

the favors he owed

worth more than his head


Jon was just thirteen

fourteen on the fence

‘twas fifteen more hours

till his sixteenth offense


seventeen lashes

with an eighteen foot whip

left nineteen bones broken

and twenty more split


Jon regrets lying

Jon laments sin

for penance he owed

he paid with his skin


Shall we begin again..?





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