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Devoured by Love

Devoured by Love


Josh Leichliter

     They walked hand-in-hand down an endless stretch of road. They couldn’t remember their names, or where they were going. But they remembered that they loved each other.

     He gazed at his companion. She was beautiful. Shiny black curls framed her petite face, her complexion was pale as snow. Her lips curled in an affectionate smile as the dim summer sunlight accented her perfect features. She stared back at him from holes where her eyes used to be, blood curdled around the sockets like smeared mascara. To him, she was the most stunning thing ever conceived. Simply beautiful.


     He loved her. And she loved him. They had started the day as any other, awakening happily in each other's arms. But this day was different; there was to be some ceremony, something special. They ate a nice breakfast and went for a walk in the park, when... something happened. Everything changed.


     They remembered none of that now, only that they loved each other. Together they stumbled down a ruined road, hand-in-hand. They clambered along like a couple of broken marionettes, disintegrating a little more with every step. By now their organs were exposed and dragging along the ground, painting a wet trail of their affection behind them.


     Grabbing a handful of her hair, he bit violently into her face and tore a large chunk of her flesh away. With each mouthful she became more beautiful, and his love grew more intense. As did hers. Stabbing her hand into his open torso, she wrenched free a coiled piece of intestine and attacked it hungrily. They devoured each other as they shambled in loving embrace, sharing their hearts in the most tangible way.




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